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View our range of advertising packages to get your product or service in front of a wide readership in the construction industry. 

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Advert Content

All text should be sent digitally via email, either as a word doc or embedded in the email. If the text is provided as hard copy then we do not accept responsibility for any errors occurring during re-typing.

Images & Logos

Sent digitally via email as high resolution JPEGs (300dpi).

Letterheads are only accepted if nothing else is available.

Using letterheads may reduce quality and colour reproduction.

Complete Adverts

All complete adverts must be provided as print-ready PDFs with embedded fonts and high resolution images, or alternatively as high resolution JPEGs (300dpi).

Why advertise with us?

At Projects In View, we want to do everything for our advertisers ensuring a professional service from start to finish. All at an affordable rate for our advertisers. 

We also take pride that Projects in View use 100% recycled paper for our print version of our magazine ensuring we are environmentally friendly.   

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