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Projects in view is our flagship magazine , which features high-end projects, construction suppliers and blue chip construction companies within the building industry. The publication is an A4 professional full colour magazine giving construction companies an ideal platform to showcase their work & promote their companies profile within the building industry, giving our clients the ideal opportunity to promote themselves & also target new clients.

Construction is one of the largest sectors of the UK economy. It contributes almost £90 billion to the UK economy (or 6.7%) in value added, comprises over 280,000 businesses covering some 2.93 million jobs, which is equivalent to about 10% of total UK employment.

Here at Projects in view we provide unique and innovate routes to the market for organisations looking to develop new business opportunities. Contact us today to discover how our portfolio of services can help you reach your target audience and provide you with new business opportunities.

We're environmentally friendly

100% recycled paper Reduce landfill: using recycled paper diverts waste paper from entering landfills. Landfills are a source of methane emissions, which are a contributor to global warming. What is equally important is that landfills are rapidly becoming full, and fewer new sites are available.
Recycled Paper - Positive Thoughts

There has been a decline in global deforestation, thanks partly to the increased use of recycled paper and the purchasing of paper products that are certified as coming from responsibly managed forests.

Recycling one tonne of paper can save 3000 - 4000 KWh electricity, enough to power a home for nine months. Save 30,000 litres of water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one metric tonne of carbon equivalent (CO2e).
Using the official definition we use genuine 100% Recycled Paper.

100% Recycled is an uncoated paper - as opposed to gloss or silk materials which are coated papers. The coated papers and 100% recycled papers we use are all sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Recycled paper is paper that has been verified as being made from 100% post consumer waste. The recycled label acts as recognition of the value of recycled timber and paper products in relieving the pressure on the world's forests.

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